can provide server space for your personal web page or your transgender business web pages. The following rates apply for hosting services provided by
Charges are billed monthly to your credit card. Charges may also be collected by check on a quarterly or yearly basis.
Discounts apply to payments made in advance.
FrontPage Extensions, CGI, PHP, ASP, Java are available and may cost extra.

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Banner Advertising $17.50/month / position Banner rates will vary
according to the page and
number of placements.
eMAIL accounts only $4.95/month per account no disk space offered domain.
Mail-Relaying available.
No Spamming.
personal Web accounts $12.50/month and up 10mb storage
Traffic limits may apply.
commercial Web accounts,
w/eMAIL account
your domain or ours!
$25.00/month and up 25mb storage and up
Traffic limits may apply.
Other applications as quoted i.e. Database, Forms, Secure Server

Contact by email here for questions and other applications available.


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